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Aviation Demand Management's Role in Deep Decarbonisation Pathways

April, 2020
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This document reviews the available net-zero pathways that include international aviation in order to summarise the extent to which demand management in the aviation sector can contribute to mitigation.
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Jet, Set, Go

November 3, 2019
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Our new market analysis with Common Wealth finds that as many as four out of five private jet journeys within Europe today are over distances that could in theory be completed by small fully electric aircraft currently in commercial development for market entry by the mid 2020s. Therefore we propose a near-total ban on fossil fuel powered private aircraft using UK airports from 2025 onwards.
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Public attitudes to tackling aviation’s climate change impacts

January, 2019
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In November 2018 our friends at 10:10 Climate Action commissioned YouGov to survey the UK public on their attitudes to air travel's climate change impacts and potential policies to tackle these. The results really endorse our Frequent Flyer Levy proposal! Reproduced with kind permission of 10:10. Download the report here.

Electric Dreams

December 19, 2018
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The carbon mitigation potential of electric aviation in the UK air travel market.
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Runway For The Few

June 22, 2018
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An investigation into UK and London air passenger demand, and the story being told about the ‘need’ for a new runway at Heathrow airport Download the report here.

Air Departure Tax: Who Benefits?

June 19, 2017
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This paper explores the clearest dimensions of the distributional impacts of the Scottish Government’s planned 50% cut in air passenger taxes, asking the question: who benefits? Download the report here.

Air Traffic Controls: the hidden costs
of a new London runway

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Focus on the local environmental consequences of a Heathrow or Gatwick expansion has come at the near-exclusion of discussion about the measures that would be needed to reconcile increased aviation capacity with the UK’s climate change targets. New research we've done with the Campaign for Better Transport provides that vital context. Download the report here.

Managing aviation passenger demand
with a Frequent Flyer Levy

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The New Economics Foundation have done the research to show that a Frequent Flyer Levy can deliver on climate targets and democratize air travel at the same time - with no new runways necessary. Download the report here.

Proposal for a Frequent Flyer Levy

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Certain people suggested a Frequent Flyer Levy could be impossible to implement. We knew that couldn’t be right, so we asked some researchers from an environmental consultancy to help us look at the options for how this could work in practice. We’re not wedded to the details of what’s in the report - the principle of fly more, pay more is the important thing - but it is a very robust proof of concept. This can definitely work. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, party poopers. Download the report here.

Transport justice for Scotland

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The Scottish National Party made an embarrassing manifesto pledge to scrap Air Passenger Duty for Scottish airports. The New Economics Foundation explain all the reasons this is the wrong choice for Scotland - and why a Frequent Flyer Levy would be a much better idea - in this briefing. Download the report here.

Alongside the New Economics Foundation we have made a joint submission to the Scottish Government's consultation on reducing APD. You can read that here.